Cross training

That would be crossing between summer and winter. December is getting closer and now we do have a ski-track in Grönklitt, 30 min by car from Mora. The track is only about 1,5 km but under these circumstances that's quite all right.

Although the ground in Mora (around my block anyway), right now as I write, is white (!) we have good conditions for dubble-pulling and stick walking.

I try to think of this as positive. I get to keep up the tough summer training longer into the season than usual. The negative is of cource lack of skiing on snow. It’s harder to train technic and get a relaxed feeling on skis. Still, on the other hand the training on snow right now is more fun than ever.

I also tend to think that problems that forces me to think in new ways makes me a better in the end. With new situations it’s impossible to make old mistakes... I hope…

The sessions on snow I try to go on high speed or long endurance. Intervals, where I have to ski fast and still be relaxed, and long distance, partly without poles, is how I try to make up for lost hours on snow.